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The quarterly magazine for modern witchcraft, available in both print and digital formats. Witches celebrates witchcraft in all of its forms; whatever you practise or preach, welcome to the magazine for witches, written by witches! 

Witches Magazine runs on a contribution basis; if you're a witch with something to shout about, this is the place to share your passion. If you'd like to know more, click the 'about' button.

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In times of uncertainty, it's important to stick together. Whether you're isolating, or feeling a tad lost, we at Witches want to change that. Head to our forum for spells, rituals and a place to talk.  

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Have you got something you'd like to share with Witches Magazine? Check out our submissions page by clicking on the button below. 

It takes a village, and we certainly do have one here at Witches. Whatever you practise or preach, anyone and everyone is welcome.

Submission deadlines are:

Summer, issue seventeen - 1st April 2023

Autumn, issue eighteen - 1st July 2023

Winter, issue nineteen - 1st October 2023

Spring, issue twenty - 1st January 2024

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