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Here at Witches, we want to help support our witchy community as much as we can. To do this, we introduced our Witches Noticeboard  in January 2021.  It is an insert, which goes inside Witches magazine, where you can promote what you do. So if you've published a book, sell candles, crystals or clothes, or want to sell your tarot, reiki, healing skills, advertise here in the notice board.

It's great because all our witchy community can take it out and pin it on their noticeboards at home as a reminder of what's available to buy. No need to thumb through the magazine to find that ad you were looking for!

Below are our advertising guidelines for you to have a read and work out how you'd like to promote yourself through us. For inspiration, checkout our  Spring 2024 Witches Noticeboard.  Then send your advert to

From here, I'll be in touch to finalise the finer details.  If you've got any questions, do get in touch!

The deadline for our next issue, Summer 2024 - issue twenty one  is 1st May 2024. 

Love & hugs, Laura.

Download the documents here:

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