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We are so proud of our magazine, but don't just hear it from us, listen to what our customers tell us about Witches.


This magazine is just fabulous, I say it every quarter, but the content is so informative and the pictures are just beautiful. The quality of this magazine is incredible, so lovely to touch. Sorry to hear about your losses this year Laura, your page on grief really hit home with me. Keep up the excellent work, you are an inspiration. Love and light.


I am quite new to witchcraft and I feel that I am still finding my feet in how I want to continue my practice. I think your magazine will be a valuable tool and great space to have different perspectives come together. 


Wow, have I really been subscribed for four years! I adore your magazine. It brightens my day so much when it arrives. Not only because it’s just beautiful in an aesthetic as well as poetic sort of way and one of my very dear friends, Mica, is a contributor but I also think it’s quite wonderful and important for small businesses (and artists) to support each other. It’s a win-win-win!! So my thanks to you for creating something truly special! 



I just had to contact you to say how thrilled I am with the magazine. I've just received my first copy and it's just what I was looking for. The illustrations are beautiful and such informative articles.



Hi Laura. Thank you so much. I absolutely adore your magazine. I have recommended it to several friends and one of them Yvonne has started ordering your magazine and loves it. It's so refreshing to read a magazine that has a truly informed approach to witchy and pagan stuff. The artwork is exquisite too. Can't wait for the autumn edition. Blessings to you.



Moments ago, I received my first copy of Witches and I am absolutely over the moon.  After a very challenging week, opening the parcel brought my heart so much warmth and a sense of community.  In the coming days, I'm excited to spend some quiet time with her and a cuppa mugwort tea.



I've started to read the magazine and it is absolutely beautiful and very insightful! Really appreciate your hard work to bring us witches a much needed quarterly read in such a stunningly visual magazine. So looking forward to finishing this Autumn's one and to your future editions. Will give me something to look forward to with the changing of the seasons. 



I just adore your magazine. It’s so beautifully done. The quality of the paper, the layouts, fonts, images, articles.. so beautiful. I’ve shared some pics and a reel of it and a few folks have said they are going to purchase a copy. 



I love how you put this all together! It’s so very beautiful! It’s really special.



The stories and details of this email tell me a lot more about the love and kindness behind this project. I am so glad that I found the magazine and that there is a beautiful, caring and real group of people behind it. I love to support businesses like this one, full of joy and that share their blessings with others. My admiration goes to your daughter for letting that spark ignite into this idea and to you, for the support that you offered her to keep it burning. I am mesmerised by the magazine. Thank you for pouring your heart into this magical publication. I also I wasn’t expecting them to arrive so fast! Another reason for loving this mag even more.



It's just lovely! We are so fortunate to have you at the helm of our magical endeavours.



We love your magazine. You have a great business ethic, and that’s very refreshing in this day and age.  As a small business owner I appreciate your commitment to helping your customers. Thank you. You’ve got a customer for life.



WOW, thanks for the gorgeous magazine -- it's more like a book! I am seriously impressed, as I've never seen a print copy of Witches. It's a solid, beautiful printing.


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