Witches was founded in early 2019 by Ellen, a Journalism student from Falmouth University, UK. Her aim will always be to create a sense of community amongst witches, no matter what you practice! She is now a graduate and embarking on her next adventure inspired by starting this company; a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. 


While Witches is based in the UK, she creates the magazine to be enjoyed worldwide

It's pretty simple, really. Witches is all about inclusivity, and giving witches across the world a chance to have a voice. If you'd like to shout about your craft, excellent! Witches provides a space for you to do just that.


Ellen runs the magazine in a non-profit fashion; to her, it's about creating a space for a minority group within the media - not about making millions. If you share this ethic and passion for witchcraft, and have something to bring to the table, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Witches was shortlisted by Stack Magazine Awards in 2019, for Student Magazine of the Year.


Have you got something witchy and wonderful that you'd like to share with us? Are you a creative witch?

We're always welcoming writers, illustrators and creatives to add to our community. Head to the Submissions page to find out more!